• Why should I take Aloe?

Aloe vera naturally contains 200 biologically-active components including polysaccharides, vitamins, enzymes and minerals that work harmoniously together to support overall health. The polysaccharides found in aloe vera have been known to support a healthy digestive system by helping the body maintain a healthy stomach pH and supporting the growth of healthy bacteria. Aloe vera is the most studied plant in the natural products industry. Some studies have shown that aloe can help support a healthy immune system, improve absorption of other vitamins, minerals, and herbs, and support general wellness.

  • How safe is Earth’s Aloe?

Earth’s Aloe is completely safe! Currently, no side effects have been documented. Earth’s Aloe is made of only natural ingredients. In fact, Aloe Vera, the major healing agent in Earth’s Aloe has been used as a remedy for various different ailments for thousands of years.

  • How much and how often should I take Earth’s Aloe?

We recommend taking a minimum of taking 3 capsules  in the morning and 3 capsules in the evening. If you believe your body will respond better to a larger serving, it’s okay to add more than twice a day . Earth’s Aloe  is completely natural, and there are no risks associated with taking  too many.

  • I am taking prescription medications can I still take Earth’s Aloe?

There are no side effects known in relation to Earth’s Aloe and it can be taken in conjunction with prescription drugs. However, you should always consult a doctor before changing, adding or going off any medications while taking Earth’s Aloe.